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We are a company located in a village in the Serrania of Ronda, Casarabonela (Málaga) dedicated to the distribution of olives and extra virgin olive oil, our homegrown products are treated with the love of a family business with over 20 years of experience in the sector.
We keep a sustained growth applying new technologies of packing with our traditional recipes and updating new recipes, without forget the strict quality controls, obtaining after more than 20 years the support of all our customers that are our best guarantee.
We have a team of professionals to help you to choose the product that best adapt to your needs. They keep a personalized contact with our customers, looking always for their satisfaction which is our reason for living.
We have the ability to distribute our products throughout the national territory. Our main customers are bars and restaurants throughout Spain, without forget our final consumer.
Our main products are:
- Aloreña split olives (garlic, thyme, salt, etc…)
- Verdial green split olives (spicy) (garlic, paprika and spices)
- Chupadeos olives (garlic, pepper, spices, oil and salt)
- Manzanilla anchovy flavoured olives.
- Pickled olives cocktail (olives, carrots, small onions, gherkin and peppers)
- Olives without pit.
- Anchovy stuffed olives.
- Black olives.
- Spicy skewereds.
- Extra virgin olive oil.

Malagueñas olives and extra virgin olive oil of unique quality.  See for yourself



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We are producers of extra virgin olive oil and malagueñas split olives, chupadeos olives, verdial green split olives, dressed manzanilla olives, pickled olives cocktail and anchovy flavoured olives

Telephone: 952 24 20 79 - 952 24 55 01.
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